B β

BETA. Beta programming is sexual programming spanning from rigid gender stereotypes in one end of the spectrum (Princess Programming) to hyper-sexualized conduct at the opposite end (Slut/Sex Slave Programming).

The letter B is often found doubled or reflected, forming the Monarch Butterfly, which is the signature and main trigger applied in Monarch Mind Control. Another common symbol used is the time piece, since Beta Programming is associated with time clocking – timed change into a sexual alter and timed memory swipe. After the “mission” the Beta slave cannot recall what took place.

The time piece is often found swinging, morphed in the style of a Dali painting or faded. A variation of time piece symbolism is the metronome, the bell, the gong, cogs, mechanical levers, conveyer belts and pumps.

Chess symbolism is often applied to Beta programming, as they typically depict a journey up a ladder of influence, such as the corporate ladder. Elevators and stairs are frequently applied Beta symbols, as they are conveniently placed in every corporate environment.

Beta movies are often ripe with Delta features, because a sought for agent is the seductive spy, who is also capable of assassination.

A major Illuminati agenda right now is the animation of the anima, activating the female spirit for a hyper-assertive role, the Femme Fatale or Warrior Woman (Amazon), which is consistent with the intelligence communities' need for highly loyal dual-function female agents.

From the housewive programming of the 1930s-1960s, Illuminati has shifted its approach to now cultivating strong and ruthless alters in females.

From Spice Girls over Pink to Lady Gaga is to foster a new class of female leaders to govern the world. Or, as Beyonce puts it, suggestively, Rule the World (Girls). This scheme is conducted under the guise of feminism or gender equality, while in actuality the Beta Programming is mainly a type of programming that requires absolute submission from women in order to elevate them.

The best example of a completed Monarch Beta cycle in current time is Angelina Jolie, who became the Goodwill Ambassador of UN.

Alternatively, Megan Fox, who was fired from Transformers 3 by director Michael Bay, was groomed to become "the next Angelina Jolie." Megan Fox criticized Bay for being too bossy, humorously comparing him with a Nazi (as in office Nazi, grammar Nazi).

Steven Spielberg immediately ordered Michael Bay to cut the young actress.